Homies Empowerment
Oakland, CA

Homies Empowerment is an independent
youth and community development organization born in Oakland, CA. 
We operated as an after-school program, 
with weekly homies unity dinners for close to 6 years...
now, in year 10 of our operations,  
we are incubating our dream of becoming a school,
called HECHOS, Homies Empowerment Community High School for Oakland's Success!

Part of our approach

Youth Voice

We believe that youth are both our future and our present. We encourage critical thinking via ethnic studies classes and a deep passion for meaningful civic engagement.

Unity dinners

We believe in breaking bread, unity dinners, with our community. For 3+ years we broke bread together across "enemy" lines to build as one large Homies community.

Rites of Passage Journeys

 We believe that "la cultura cura" (culture cures) and we embark on many journeys, from Rites of Passage ceremonies to connect to their indigenous roots, to traveling to explore our history... 
our journeys are central to our growth.

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Homies Empowerment wins first place 
in the #OAKEDU Pitch Competition.

Check out the Oakland Tribune article here.

Homies Empowerment in the News!
Pacifica Radio interview about Homies Empowerment.
Jefferson Award for Public Service given to Homies Empowerment by CBS News.
Oakland Tribune coverage of birth of Homies Empowerment.
Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú visits Homies Empowerment, coverage by Univisión.
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Homies Dinners featured on CBS News.

CBS News Article about the design process of the Homies Empowerment school, HECHOS. 
Homies Empowerment Community High School 
for Oakland's Success.

This project is online with POP and we're excited to tell you more about it, but for right now we're busy getting it off the ground! Keep an eye out for more information soon...